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prof. dr. med. wolfgang pförringer


Arthrosis: conservative and operative treatment.

Malposition, overloading and trauma (fractures) may pose reasons for (early) joint ero­sion. To slow down the progression of arthrosis as far as possible and to alle­viate pain as much as possible, we make use of the entire range of conservative treatment methods.

In addition to pharmaceutical treatment, special injection therapy has proven success­ful. Hyaluronic acid – a natural substance within a healthy joint – is being injected directly into the joint, acting as a lubricant. We have decades of experience with this method and to avoid multiple injections wherever possible, we generate a long-term effect with a single shot.

Crucial are accompanying measures such as physiotherapy, which is conducted within our private practice. In addition we offer treatment with pulsatile magnetic field as well as low energetic laser. If advanced stages of arthrosis render an operation necessary, this can be conducted by implanting partial or full joint replacement with an endoprothesis of the hip, knee or shoulder.

Arthrosis dr. pförringer

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