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prof. dr. med. wolfgang pförringer


Mobility is freedom – that is what we strive for.

Limitations to our mobility or pain impair our quality of living. In our private medical practice for orthopedics and sports medicine we integrate the latest medical knowledge and our longtime experience to alleviate orthopedic disorders in the best possible way.
Be it sports or accident trauma, impairments of mobility or chronic pain in the mus­culoskeletal system, the private practice Prof. Wolfgang Pförringer covers the whole spectrum of conservative as well as large areas of operative orthopedics.

Main focus lies on therapy of chronic and acute pain of the musculoskeletal system, diagnostics and therapy of arthrosis. This involves joint (injections), Chiropractics, herbal remedies (Phytotherapy) as well as accompanying physiotherapy.

Operative treatment (knee, hip, foot) is performed in the private hospital Klinik Dr. Schreiber. The private medical practice Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Pförringer specializes in individual patient treatment through a central location in the heart of Munich with individually arrangable office hours. Personal care and support by Prof. Pförringer, including house calls, are part of our philosophy.

prof. dr. med. pförringer

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