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prof. dr. med. wolfgang pförringer


Conservative treatment methods.

Be it back pain, arthrosis or other disorders – an operation should always pose the last option of treatment, when others cannot help any further. Conservative therapy can effectively alleviate or eliminate a multitude of disorders - especially when applied selectively and well coordinated.

A special role within this poses manual- or chiro-therapy, which we have utilized for decades producing good results. Specific techniques of grip and massage help to reactivate joints, which have been impaired in their function through loss of mobility. Gentle, regional application in combination with injections as well as accompanying physiotherapy help us, especially when treating patients with spine complaints and backache, to avoid more than 90 percent of the operations.

Injection therapy with various medications can significantly contribute to treatment success in cases of back pain as well as arthrosis. In arthrosis cases preparations containing hyaluronic acid are injected into the concerned joints. Single shot therapy with long-term effect is preferred over multiple injections.

Phytotherapy: Coordinated with the other therapeutic measures, we make use of medications based on herbal sources.

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