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Treatment objective: mobile, free of pain and back to full function.

There is a wide array of reasons for impairment and limitations to mobility: Sports trauma, accidents or Trauma-follow-up, wear and tear of the joints (Arthrosis) or inflammations (Arthritis), stiffening or congenital malposition of the skeleton as well as osteoporosis.

Modern diagnostic methods help us find the reason for your impairment. Those dia­gnostics are performed in close cooperation with nearby experts for radiography and MRI.

To alleviate pain and remediate functional disorders and to preserve or restore mobility, we make use of the entire spectrum of treatment options: This includes oral and intravenous medication (injection therapy) as well as specific manual therapy. In special cases we make use of methods like magnetic induction or laser therapy.

Our principle of treatment is:

  • „Conservative before operative“: a targeted combination of conservative treatment methods can often help in avoiding operative procedures.
  • The psychological strain and the individual perception of pain of each patient pose the most important criterion in choosing the appropriate therapy.

Operative treatment is chosen, when reasonable and the only rational option. Operations are conducted as attending physician in the private hospital Dr. Michael Schreiber. This hospital has optimum technical setting and offers patients best medical and custodial care as well as comfortable accommodation.

prof. dr. med. wolfgang pförringer

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